What will happen when I visit for the first time?

We have greeters at the front doors that can show you where our service is and where the kids meet.  We’re relaxed and friendly and know that you may just want to check us out and be anonymous for a while- that’s ok!  We’re not looking for your money or anything else, we want you to have the opportunity to check out what church is like and see if Southwinds is the place for you.

What do I wear to attend your services?

You’ll find everything from casual clothes to the occasional shirt and tie at our Sunday Services. Please come in what is comfortable for you, we are not concerned about what you look like or what you wear.

What is a Weekend Service like?

We start with coffee & snacks-  you bet!  Come a few minutes early if you want to visit us and check out our space. Our Southwinds worship team will begin the service by playing some great music.  Words will be up on the screen, and you’re welcome to sing along or just listen in.  You can hear a lot of the songs we sing on the radio at 88.9 Shine FM right here in Calgary.  After the music, we’ll dismiss the kids to their classes and hear from our Pastor as he takes a passage from the Bible and explains its current relevancy to our lives today.  We are all learning and growing together and there’s always someone available to talk if you have questions or would like prayer about anything in your life.  We truly consider each other as family & friends, and our doors are always open to you.

The service lasts about an hour and we’re always wrapped up by lunch.  Stay as long or as little as you like, we’d love to get to know you better, and most of all want to be a safe place where you can check church out and find out more about God.

To hear a recent message by our Pastor from one of our services click here.