This Sunday, Pastor Bo wrapped up the Living in Reality series with a message entitled “The Victory Is Won!”  Our key passage was John 16:25-33.

Pastor Bo reminded us that as followers of Jesus part of our reality is going to be spiritual battle.  We will be despised and persecuted in many different ways but we must remember that the victory has already been won!  Jesus is the victor!  We cannot afford to forget this Truth.

In John 16, Jesus is telling his disciples that He will not be with them much longer.  He has switched from figurative language to speaking directly and plainly to the disciples.  The disciples have an “Aha!” moment where they understand clearly what Jesus is telling them.  These are the men that walked with Jesus every day that still needed to have their faith affirmed.  Jesus proceeds to tell them of the coming trials for each of them.  He reminds them that He will provide peace in the midst of whatever they are facing because He has already won the victory.

Today, we are like the disciples, in that we need our faith affirmed.  We need to be reminded that our reality is that we have direct access to the heart of the Father.  We also need to be reminded to be at peace because Jesus has already won the victory.  God is everywhere – even in the hard things.  He is faithful to show us where He is at work in everything if only we ask Him.  The reality for those without Christ is that they cannot know this peace or rest in Jesus’ victory.  They need to know that Jesus is the only way to the Father so they too can share in the victory of Christ!

We pray you are challenged, encouraged, and filled with God’s joy as you listen to His Word proclaimed.

Questions to Consider:
  1. As a follower of Christ, do I live my life like Jesus has won the victory already?
  2. Do I need to ask God to reaffirm in my heart that He is in control and wants to use me?
  3. Am I struggling with seeing God in the hard parts of my life?  Do I need to ask Him to show me where He is at work?