Three Gifts
December 4, 2016

Christmas.  Gifts.  Memories.  All three of these words bring different emotions, thoughts, and feelings out in each of us.  Some are nostalgic, some painful, some warm and comforting, some coldly unforgettable.  Whatever these three words bring to mind for any of us this time of year, focusing on the reason for celebration on December 25 helps bring everything into perspective.

Sunday at Southwinds, we looked at three gifts.  Three gifts given to a little baby born in a stable, wrapped in cloths, and laid in a manger where cattle, donkeys, and sheep fed.  Three gifts presented to a baby born to Jewish parents of no apparent consequence.  Three gifts presented by men that traveled from a long way away, following a star specially hung by the creator of the stars, and used to audience with people of importance.  Three gifts.

Wise men whose high standing in government and connection to Jewish leaders dates back to hundreds of years before the time of Jesus’ birth were tremendously dedicated to watching for the fulfillment of prophecy given by God through his messengers the prophets.  A prophecy telling the world about the arrival of the savior of the world.  These three gifts held deep seated significance.

Gold, a gift fit for a king.  Frankincense, a gift fit for a high priest.  Myrrh, a gift fit for the savior of the world.  Jesus’ birth marked the coming of His Kingdom.  It marked the greatest reason to celebrate!  We celebrate every year, and we do that in part with gifts.  Let’s take the example of the wise men that came to worship at the feet of a baby born to parents of no apparent consequence.  When we give gifts this year, let’s give gifts with meaning.  Gifts that point people to our King.