More Than Enough

November 12, 2017

Key Passage: John 6:1-13

November is Global Impact Month for Southwinds Church. As a church family, we strive to live led by the Holy Spirit in a way that is honoring to God every day…not just during Global Impact Month. This month we take time to focus on how we are taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world around us and joining a larger family of churches and followers of Jesus as we go.

In the message on Sunday, Pastor Bo shared with us from John 6:1-13 where Jesus took the offering of 2 fish and five loaves given by a little boy and fed 5,000 people. When following Jesus, it doesn’t matter if what Jesus is asking us to give or do seems insignificant or doesn’t make sense. We just need to be obedient and give it to Jesus. He will take our fish and loaves and make it more than enough.