Who Are We?

Your place for Faith, Family & Friends.  Your faith, in Jesus Christ, your family– meaning your immediate family and church family, and your friends- those in our community around us.

Southwinds Church serves the communities south of Hwy 22x in Calgary, AB. We are committed to provide opportunities for neighbours to meet neighbours through events like Block Parties and Summer Sports Camps. We have a heart for those in need in our city and around the world, so we are pleased we have been able to help raise over $6000 for Calgary Dream Centre so far, and we help collect shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child every year.

We worship together weekly at 10:30 Sunday mornings in the Cranston community centre in Cranston, led by Pastor Bo Neal.

We are a part of the Canadian National Baptist Convention family of churches.

For more on what we believe, read our statement of faith here.

For further details please feel free to contact us by email or by phone: (403) 703-9920